What is my experience?
From 9-5 I work for a leading digital transformation consultancy serving federal clients and leading UI and UX efforts from research and user acceptance testing to interaction and UI design for 2-3 product teams. I began designing in 2008 as a high school kid, continued into web design, and incorporated my design agency in 2016 where I've worked with non-profits, cooperatives, and other for profit small businesses. In 2020 I moved into the GovTech sector working on enterprise applications used by millions globally.
What are my strengths?
My unique superpowers are sensing requirements that have not been named, visual design, layout, color, typography, and I also enjoy writing and running design thinking sessions to collaborate with and align designers, engineers, and business stakeholders.
What am I looking for?
I am highly interested in working with a Product team that understands the importance of accessible and inclusive design and one that loves to collaborate to get our best work into the world. I am passionate about discovering new creative energy I didn't know I had and to inspire that in others on my team. My dream team and environment are those that are remote (mostly), innovative, PTO is taken pre-and-not-post-burnout, and one that pushes the entire team to be leaders and dependent on the team to fill in their gaps/areas of growth. **Bonus: The team understands the difference between UI and UX design (LOL).
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